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New “Stargate” trilogy ready to break out!

The original Stargate, which came out in 1994, told the story of a group of scientists who discovered an interstellar transportation device in Egypt. The movie starred Kurt Russell and James Spader and was a huge hit, making $196 million worldwide. While a feature never produced any theatrical sequels, it did lead to the creation of multiple television shows – both live-action and animated – as well as a video game. The most recent show, Stargate Universe, began in 2009 but it was cancelled after its second season in 2011.


When the Stargate reboot is actually going to get going is a question without an answer at this point. Roland Emmerich is currently working on the historical drama Stonewall, and he is also getting set to bring back the Independence Day franchise. So while we know more Stargate is coming, it’s probably not happening any time soon. Until then enjoy this 20 year old trailer for the original movie.

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