about festival
About festival

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival, the only fantastic film festival in the region, brings special cinematic treats through the end of June and the beginning of July to all film buffs and fantastic fans. In nine days of the Festival, fans of fantastic and related genres – science fiction, horror, thriller, mystery, experimental etc. will get to watch a number of intriguing and interesting films from both new and acknowledged authors.

With every new edition we further enrich our film program, attracting audiences to the most elite open venues in Zagreb. Over 40 years Tuskanac summer stage was abandoned and forgotten, until we had the privilege to reopen it with our program. From that day this cultural location lives again, in the middle of the woods and only walking distance from the town’s center with mystic atmosphere it is ideal for our films, and full every night. We have also begun a tradition of hosting a part of our program on the historic fort Medvedgrad, inside it’s unforgettable walls and overlooking the entire city. As the only film festival who recognized the potential of this amazing location, each Medvedgrad film night is sold out in the matter of days.

We are also the proud organizers of European Genre Forum (EGF) in collaboration with Black Nights Film Festival (Tallinn), Night Visions Film Festival (Helsinki) and Screen Division (Paris). The main idea behind the EGF is development, promotion and support of regional talent with the final goal of choosing the projects and authors with the highest potential and then mentor them through the international initiative. EGF is also supported by HAVC, Media Desk, Zagreb city and Zagreb Tourist Board.

Our desire was to give the city of Zagreb not only a great genre film festival, but also the first open-air film festival. With a number of screenings and events, the city should embrace the festival, and vice versa. Thus we have enriched Zagreb’s offer cultural and summer tourist offer, with an emphasis on the Upper Town and old Zagreb legends, such as the Witch of Grič, the Bloody Bridge etc.