film program
03.07 at 21:15h
Summer cinema Tuskanac
Country: Spain
2016, 112min
Director: Mateo Gil
Cast: Tom Hughes, Charlotte Le Bon, Oona Chaplin, Barry Ward
Genre: Sci-Fi
Official Trailer
Sinopsis: Realive is a science-fiction drama with a twist of terror, as it has certain links with Frankenstein. And it intends to be a kind of a journey to the Purgatory, that metaphorical territory in which one would have to decide what is the most important, what has been the most valuable of his life. If we accept this image, we could also say that its format is that of a trip’s journal, as not only it is narrated in the very first person by its own monster, but also his memories of the past and his feelings with which that memory is flooded will sprinkle the whole film.
Bio: As a scriptwriter, MATEO GIL he has taken part in “THE METHOD” (Marcelo Pyñeiro, 2005) and Alejandro Amenabar’s films such as “TESIS” (2006, plot), “OPEN YOUR EYES” (1997), “THE SEA INSIDE” (2004; Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film) and ”AGORA” (1999). As a director he has made short films such as “BREAKING AND ENTERING” (1998), “TELL ME I” (2008), “COME BACK TO MOIRA” (2006) and feature films “NOBODY KNOWS ANYBODY” (1999) and “BLACKTHORN” (2010).