film program
Nordijski fokus
07.07. at 23:30h
Summer cinema Tuskanac
Country: Denmark
2017, 81min
Antonio Tublén
Rosalinde Mynster, Anders Heinrichsen, Julie G. Wester, Jesper Christensen
Psycological Thriller, Mystery
Official Trailer
Sinopsis: Robin mysteriously awakens alone in a forest, without a clear memory of how she got there. Through horrific dreams and weird happenings, she becomes convinced she has witnessed a murder, but there is no evidence backing her story. Believing she is the next victim, she investigates on her own.
Bio: Antonio Tublén first feature, Original, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was later awarded by Danny Boyle for Best Film at Shanghai Int. Film Festival. Second feature, the award winning lo-fi Science Fiction LFO was created with his fascination for strange sounds mixed with his dark humor and is executive produced by Elijah Wood and his company SpectreVision.