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Terminator 5: The Genesis coming 1.7.2015.

Whether it’s goint to be ‘trash’ or an excellent action thriller Terminator 5: The Genesiswill sure attract a lot of attention. All information about the film are currently kept a secret but we know that Alan Taylor is the director and, more importantly Arnold Schwarzenegger IS BACK. The plot is suspected to have Arnie T-800 travelling back in time to save the young Emilie Clarke from Skyneta forces.

*EXCLUSIVE* The cast of "Terminator: Genesis" film an intense scene

This sequel is a reboot so the audiences is taking the news of it’s filming in multiple ways. While some can hardy wait for the film to hit the theatres others are more critical and suspect how this film will never achieve the glory of T1 or T2. You can decide who is wright on July 1st 2015.


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